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Published Books by Sally Isaacs

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American History

All About America (Kingfisher)

Colonists and Independence
Stagecoaches and Railroads
The Civil War

Documenting Early America (Crabtree Publishing)

Understanding the Declaration of Independence
Understanding the Constitution
Understanding the Articles of Confederation
Understanding the Bill of Rights

America in the Time Of… (Heinemann/Capstone)

America in the Time of Columbus
America in the Time of Pocahontas
America in the Time of George Washington
America in the Time of Lewis and Clark
America in the Time of Abraham Lincoln
America in the Time of Sitting Bull
America in the Time of Susan B. Anthony
America in the Time of Franklin Roosevelt
America in the Time of Martin Luther King

Picture the Past (Heinemann/Capstone)

Life in a Colonial Town
Life on the Underground Railroad
Life in a Whaling Town
Life in a Hopi Village
Life at the Alamo
Life on a Southern Plantation
Life in the Dust Bowl
Life in America’s First Cities
Life on a Pioneer Homestead
Life in a Sioux Village
Life in a New England Mill Town
Life on the Oregon Trail
Life in a California Mission
Life in San Francisco’s Chinatown
Life at Ellis Island
Life in St. Augustine

The American Adventure (Heinemann/Capstone)

The Gold Rush
The Trail of Tears
The Great Land Rush
Cattle Trails and Cowboys
The Lewis and Clark Expedition
The First Railroads
The Oregon Trail
Stagecoaches and the Pony Express

What Caused the War of 1812? (Crabtree Publishing Company)


National Geographic Kids Books
National Geographic Kids Ultimate Adventure Atlas of Earth
National Geographic Kids Ultimate Globetrotting World Atlas

Regions of the United States: The West

Graphic Learning/Abrams & Company Publishers
The Story of Alaska
Celebrating Anchorage!
New Jersey, Past and Present

Other Books

Front-Page Lives: Bill and Melinda Gates (Heinemann/Capstone)
Monster at Loch Ness (Raintree)
When TV Began: The First TV Shows (Silver Burdett)


Cattle Trails and Cowboys – June Franklin Naylor Award for Best Book for Children of Texas History (Daughters of the Republic of Texas)
• Helen Thayer’s Arctic Adventure: A Woman and a Dog Walk to the North Pole – Teachers’ Choice Award for Children’s Books (by Learning® Magazine)